When Silence Is Misunderstood As Weakness, When a nation suppressed by its leader is misunderstood as backward

Sometimes, the endurance of suppression without remarkable opposition for a long time makes the suppressor feels like he is not suppressing; sometimes when one keeps doing mistakes for a long time and nobody says anything about them, one may think he is not doing mistakes. That’s when one’s conscience becomes his own betrayer instead of being the beacon. And when suppression and mistakes are recognized some day, the suppressor looks back at all the suppression he made and finds silence, he mistakenly thinks that silence will always be the response to his suppression. Suppression will be always accepted; or will be always the mean to kneel everything to this one’s interests. All of this in itself, is the single mistake the suppressor made to himself; for the first time not to the people. And when this mistake is done with the Egyptians, this becomes a doubled mistake! “Egyptians are the best of all soldiers” that’s how the Prophet Mohamed called them. We proved this over the history and will continue to prove it!

On the global level, the people’s reputation is an element massively dependent on the leader of that nation. This is when that nation is long driven by a one man rule. Drastically enough, it gives the impression to the whole world that this nation is backward, dumb, invaluable, and like a herd of animals driven by a dictator; a piece of property. They would say that if a nation accepts that suppressing dictatorship to lead it that way; then, for sure they are cheap invaluable piece of property. This is the second mistake held about that nation; this time from the whole world. Not because your nation has the privilege of putting their voices forward it means that others are inferior to yours. You were mistaken by thinking that this is the very nature of this nation; because this nation will not remain silent forever.

Until it came the time for this suppressor to know that the silence was a long endurance, but not a weakness. A silence because of sowing fears; and fears may put a shadow on one’s real self. A long ‘no-change’ that makes ‘change’ itself a fearful sought. Until the day came, we stood in front of fear; in thousands and millions not shaken. The time that this suppressor has discovered that he missed the whole point of it: that his nation has now gotten a generation of educated youth; born from the uterus of strength and historical culture. He has discovered that lately because so long he has dismissed.

Not only we did teach that suppressor his mistake, but also we ‘reminded’ the whole world who we are. We are not a herd of animals; we are a powerful nation delayed by the rulings of people who never knew how to utilize the powerfulness of this nation. This resourceful nation with all it got from personal powers and merits just needed the right person and it would be the best of all nations. Judging this nation for the delays it had due to the ruling of suppressors is because others would like to judge this nation as a herd; neglecting to acknowledge their values. To dismiss it from humanity calculations. The suppressors were known, the rotten governmental systems were stinking that everybody could smell; why those eager for humanity did not move? No much blame should be placed as they should not move until the nation itself moves on its own. But when the nation moves, it does not need others to move now; stay where you are we do not need you now as we moved.

To our next leaders, know thy nation.

To other nations, do not let the contemporary and historical recessions blind you from the essence of that nation.

To whom who chooses to sink in his blindness and disregard this powerful nation, stay in your darkness until that nation surprises you all.

To whom who would try to hinder us and supress our progress, you will be committing the same mistake the suppressor has made that, at the end, this nation still could extinguish.

To the Egyptians, you had a role of pride and strength throughout the history; and this moment you have made is just a start for another history; for the stamina and strengths you got, you are “the best of all soldiers”.


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