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The unforgotten

Could be a person, a place, or a memory; it’s something that remains unforgotten. Being tied to someone or a place or a memory that keeps enduring the ages is something intriguing. Even if we seem to pass on with our lives, it remains unforgotten inside us and gets out traumatically every now or then.

Away of any medical justifications, I am dealing with that casually on the very human level. Like I said, the purpose of this philosophy of living posts is to be near to every one of us without over philosophizing things.

Why don’t we forget some persons or memories in our lives? Is it that person or memory had an impact in our lives? Or is it because we love this person or memory? Or is it because we got emotionally used to someone or some things we used to do and now are memories? If it is because of just being used to someone or something, well, with time passing without practicing doing something or being with someone, we shall start not to be ‘used to’; therefore, we will forget. So it’s not because we are used to something or someone; unless this ‘used to’ comes hand in hand with another things like I will discuss. The matter of the unforgotten is bigger than just being used to.

It remains now the ‘impact’ reason or the ‘love’ reason. Firstly, what’s about the impact? Sometimes we don’t forget because someone or something has placed an impact on us or our lives; positive or negative. Secondly, the ‘love’ factor. I believe that love is the element that resembles all; the impact and the used to. This is because when we love someone or something; then, we will be used to the beauty we have when being with that someone or when doing that something and we will be impacted by that someone or something regardless of being it negative or positive. We may directly understand the positive, but why the negative when I speak of love involvement? Because if we don’t love any about that someone or that thing; then, we wouldn’t be shaken by the negative. For example, if you don’t love driving cars, you won’t be affected positively when there is a car and; thus, you won’t be affected negatively with lacking one. Another example, when you have a bad father who caused you pains in your life, when you feel angry on him it’s because he harmed you, but at the same time it’s because you was in need to the positive rather than the negative from him. Thus, it’s love; because if there was no love involved, you wouldn’t be in need to the positive and then you won’t be affected by the negative.

At the end I would say, the person or the memory that we can’t forget is because we do love that person or that memory or anything about that something. And we may spend time battling with ourselves to forget that person or that memory. However, it’s for mental healthiness not to try to force ourselves to forget because the mind that is touched by love shall be continuously in need to live with that person or that memory unforgotten.

Live with the unforgotten inside you; it’s a very humanly feeling.

To the unforgotten in our life, we didn’t and we won’t forget you…because we love you and we love something about you.

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