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The Lost Life

If I came to ask you, what would be the elements that increase the probability of failure in something? You will pause and think a bit; then, answer me it’s 1, 2, 3, …etc. Now that you listed them, can I ask you how to avoid each element in order to avoid failure? You will pause and think a little while; then, answer me, for 1, we can do such and such; for 2, we can do such and such. Now you started to put solutions to avoid failure. The exercise is now finished.

Now, let me ask you, would it have been possible for you to avoid failure without first answering the first question by listing the elements that cause failure? Obviously, NO! Here is the essence, if you are not aware of the thing, you would be leaving the thing for chances. It could go successfully; and it could go wrong.

The same thing is with your life. If you live it without Self-Awareness, your life is left for chances. You may come after the time has passed to discovered that you wasted it; and you may to discover that your life was lost in vain at your death bed.¬†Bottom line, the Lost Life is the life lived without Self-Awareness. This is very dangerous. Life is very captivating and it’s stronger than the human, who is weak, prone to mistakes, and easily distracted. Only the human with solid self-awareness overpowers life…Life takes him away sometimes, but his continuous self-awareness becomes the guardian that brings him back to track every time he goes astray.

Want to see this in action, as an exercise for you, while you are in the crowd, look around you; see the people around… You will easily see some humans living strangely enough for you to wonder how come they are living this way. The direct answer is that they are just living…without self-awareness. Now don’t be that absent in life. Self-awareness is ¬†not something granted, it’s a bless. It’s not something genetic, it’s acquired. It requires continuous practice + honesty. Be warned, the self is a powerful beast lurking inside you…At first, it will attempt to fool you. It will throw to you initial responses that make you think that it’s responding; it will give you false answers aligned with your mental and psychological comfort zone. That’s why honesty is essential for self-awareness to be true. Without honesty, self-awareness can lead you to the same end as without self-awareness, an absent state, or even more worse because without honesty, self-awareness will make you live in a world other than the reality; which is again being absent from the reality of your life. But when you possess self-awareness and you are honest about it, it will tell you the reality of how you are living and the reality of life around. Only then, you can adjust yourself and adjust the way you are living.

Remember, a lost life, is a life lived without self-awareness that is honest and continuously in action.


3 thoughts on “The Lost Life

  1. This is a very nice article. A good reminder for anyone. However it isn’t that easy, especially for people that are lost. It isn’t easy to know what you want or what you are capable of .

    1. Thank you for the participation. For sure. One of the most painful and challenging endeavors a human undertakes is the mental activity; especially when directed inwardly towards the Self. That said, no process is immune from error and there will be always sensations like ‘regret’ or ‘sorrow’, which we feel for our shortcomings. Both kinds are humans and thus prone to mistakes; however, not equally. The self-aware human minimizes the chances of sins, learns from them along the process, and at the end, takes pride in what could be achieved in this life, which would be the best he/she could do. In this sense, yes it’s not easy to nurture such perception of the self and its surroundings; however, persistence in the process of nurturing this habit acquisition progressively transforms the human from a mere living being that life runs to a human who runs himself/herself in the course of life. The very first start I would advise in nurturing self-awareness is to watch your self in action and observe others around you in action. This start teaches the mind to start working in the inward direction. Bit by bit, the mind starts to seamlessly work on the self rather than just objectifying the world around it. It starts to learn about your self and its actions; and it starts to reflect on the world around it on that same line of thought.

  2. I discus things very similar to this on my page I talk about how our own understanding is what affects interpretation of what is “fact” check it out at philosophyv2.blogspot.com

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