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The Fundamental Truth

This is not a religious post; it’s on one of the very essential truths in life: relationship to God.

The truth is when a human cuts loose from God, he lives, for his good or his bad, like a piece of wooden rod in the middle of an ocean. No matter how this rod floats, it has no destination tied to. It’s the same for a human whose creation attributed to God; when that human cuts his relationship to his God, if he lives as a good or a bad person, it will be reflecting in his limited lifetime only…but at the end, all what was made is essentially useless regardless of its contributions in life. If what’s being done in life is not tied to the mother of all objectives; then, there are not objectives. All human doings become then mere automata. Why attribution to God through the human’s relationship to Him is the mother of all objectives? Let’s examine that.

Suppose there is a kingdom that has an army. That kingdom one day has decides to establish colonies in different parts of the world; the purpose of these colonies is to establish the kingdom central checkpoints worldwide that would help in serving the interests of the kingdom. As such, it sets itself to send armies to establish it colonies. If there is a sent army that will cut its communications with the main kingdom and will cease to follow and execute its mandate and rules, then, this army is said to cut loose from its kingdom; it becomes a deviant. Now, as a deviant, that army is now not following any mandates from the kingdom and not attributing anything to it. In this case, no matter what this army does, whether good or bad, it is not tied by any means to the kingdom, not serving its interest, not harming it, not benefiting it…Just a mere cut loose deviant who became just not part of it. One day that army may need the power of belonging to that kingdom, but the kingdom will never shake because of the deviation of that army. If that army gained lands, resources, or fame; that army would benefit from them in its life time, but when that army ceases to exist, it will just vanish with no footprint. This is because it achieved, but without belonging to the kingdom that gives it a mother objective. Fighters without a national cause are nothing respected; when they win, they win for their lifetime limited benefit; when they lose, they lose their convenience; when they vanish, they just go.

The moral of the above example is to say that we live having our own objectives in life, but having a relationship of living to God is the essence of living; because God is the ultimate destination of all objectives. Let’s have a more rigorous simple proof.

A human being is mortal.

All humans are mortal.

All humans will die.

Therefore, life is finite.

If life is finite and will end and all humans will die, who will still be there that will have everything reduced to him; it’s God. Therefore, all what is being done in life and all doings made by humans will then be reduced to God when all humans die and life ends. It follows consequently that all doings and all objectives can be reduced to God at the end. Therefore, God is the final destination of all doings and objectives. In this sense, having any doing or objectives without them being tied to God is useless because its cut loose from the mother of all objectives and doings.

Now, the question is how to tie all our doings and objectives to God, the ultimate end for objectives and doings? It’s simply by tying the human being himself to God; this suffice for tying single doings or single objectives. How to tie; is a matter of details for each religion practices…But the fundamental truth is that all our doings and objectives are tied to God who will inheret all this life at the end when everything vanishes and since all are mortal except Him. As such, when a human cuts loose from his God; then, all his doings and objectives good or bad become just lifetime automata.

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