The Fundamental Laws Of Blessings

Life is beautiful… when you are living it with the blessings. What are these blessings? Pleasurable things we are enjoying yet with no or little effort from our side. Consider your own health: how many muscles move without your intervention or even awareness when you run in the morning or have a nice walk by the park or when you have sex. Consider your money: you live nicely on your salary or investments. You may be enjoying nice standard of living, a decent job with decent pay, family, and good health. But what’s intrinsic about blessings? We never own them; we are just beneficiaries and they are just like rented to us and can be taken away any time without our consultation. Who can own his health? You can eat healthy and exercise as much as you want but still get Cancer or lose your eyes or lose your leg. Who can own his source of income? Your investments could get ruined, your job could be lost.

Law 1 – Blessings are never owned. We are mere beneficiaries

Given this fact that you can never own your blessings, what would you wish to have in case you lost any? Will you say to yourself Game Over and live deprived from part or all of life’s pleasures? If you had any misfortune in life that prevents you from doing something, wouldn’t you wish that all this life turns out to be something you lived during your night dreaming and would wake up to find yourself all good? If you are one of those who are misfortunate, for sure you would want that: another scene when you can get rid of your misfortune, pain, and get compensated by living normally.

Law 2 – When blessings are gone, life as you know it shuts down

You could be from those who are fortunate in this life: having all your essential blessings with you all the time. You may also be granted lengthy years of living: to live into your 70s or so with quality years. Blessings didn’t leave you in such case, but you will be the one who leaves them at the end.

Law 3 – If blessings didn’t leave you, you would be the one who leaves them

Life lived with blessings is easy going and highly fleeting. Remember those good days in your life? They passed so quickly that you didn’t feel them. The years run quickly for all, but it is with specific nature that time passes by with blessings: it passes quickly with your lack of awareness and reflection. The pained person is much more aware of time than the blessed person. Thus, if you are blessed, you are prone to just live on auto-pilot regarding many fundamental issues in your life and you may forget about many other things; and eventually discover it when it’s too late.

Law 4 – Life passes so quickly with blessings; most of the time, without our reflection

Given these laws, you only have two options: either blessings would leave you, through sickness/loss, or you would leave the blessings, through death. The problem is that Law 4 always keeps us in the dark. That’s why it’s very significant that we realize Laws 1-3; then, protect ourselves from Law 4, the sweet fleeting of life. With these two options, it would be a meaningless life to those who are deprived from specific blessings and it should be a very sad life for those who are blessed because no matter how life goes, death is awaiting you; you will leave them no way. It is therefore in our best interest that there happen to be another scene after this life. A permanent scene where no death and no disability. Wouldn’t this mean Hope to you? Wouldn’t this mean relaxation to you? Because if you are troubled by challenges or sickness, you now know that one day all the pain will end and you will have another life, cured. Because if you are phobic about death, you now know that death is for all of us, but you will be back to another life again. “It isn’t the end.” is what we need to realize so that all our worries and fear rest.

It is in our best interest that there is to be another life. It Isn’t the End is what we all need to rest our fears and wounds

But… wait. If there would be a second scene, then, there must be purpose from the first scene. Do you want a second life? If yes, then, you have no way but to uncover and fulfill the purpose of the first life. Do you want to disbelieve that there will be a second life so that you relieve yourself from any obligation in the current life? Your choice. However, you will have to endure the enforcement of one of the Laws mentioned above. Think and see if you can find a workaround to any of these laws that would justify your choice of disbelief. This should help you decide which path you decide to take.

Do you want a second life after death?

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