The Diaspora of Self

The Self in its essential core does not brittle down unless the reason of its existence is realized. And the Self existence realization is an ongoing process not a discrete destination. This is for our good; so that we keep enjoying the realization of our Self’s existence every day rather than living tensed and miserable until that end is reached – and fret on the concept of death before reaching that destination. It follows then that Self’s existential realization is a State of Living; made possible by living in accordance to why your Self was made into existence.

The diaspora the human being is living and his pathological grip on life and fear of death is a manifestation of the diaspora of the Self and its apartness from its cause of existence. It’s when the Self is led on the course of its existence realization that everything in the universe is found to be in place. This is not to say that by then heaven shall be found on earth; however, the Self inside the human would not live in diaspora anymore yet shall be united, calmed, and secured; and proceed calmly in its due course of its existence realization.

The human has been granted the existence. Then, it’s up to you discovering the reason for your existence and realize it. First discover your true life’s calling; then, start your journey of realizing it. You will find peace in your every day living. Peace is not a life’s state where every thing in your life is great, but a very small corner in your life to which you can have a shelter from life’s disappointments and frustrations. And that kind of peace is not there for one living with a fearful Self divorced from its meaning.

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