Existence & Phenomenological Experiences

Taxonomy of Message Undertaking

Living a life of a worthwhile message can be daunting, exhaustive, and full of struggles. Yet, it is the essence of a human being created to make a dent in this life; a human who lives for a transcendental aim: for a purpose beyond himself that extends him to eternity.

Does everyone of us live with a message? Actually, Must everyone live that type of life? Automatically yes, but the message does vary in worthiness, scale, perception, and impact.

I said automatically everyone has a message because at any point in time any human being would be living for something. The least of which is for example to make his survival; this is the most basic intrinsic message…But it lacks many other things; that’s why I appended to the automatic existence of a message other factors: worthiness, scale, perception, and impact.

1) Message Worthiness:

Not all messages have the same worthiness. For some have higher degress than others; and in saying so, we shall not neglect those with messages less in degree than others because everybody has a role and the solidarity of human existence mandates that people live with varying messages. Imagine all humans long for beings all scientists for the message of developing nations and humanity. We will not have those who bring up new generations, we will not have those who maintain social order, no people to develop economies…etc. To that end, a message is not a work you do to earn your living ONLY. Of course, your work on a message can bring you income to live, but your own inner intention must be aiming for something trancendental than just making money; that’s the difference of living a message while generating income and merely earning your living.

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