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Silence is a concept dealt with by many philosophers and is fundamental to all religions and traditions. In this post, I am not attempting to dive into Silence from the roots, but to touch upon it in a way that is near to everybody. Simply, sometimes we say “We don’t want to talk anybody”; when conditions enforce upon us the urge to withdrow alone and remain Silent. Here, we would like to scratch on that.


The folks sometimes talk about silence in its outter figure that it gives to the silent; making him looks more stable, misteriously attractive, and standing. In this sense, Silence can be a powerful social element and a mean of attraction. However, words of wisedom and religions talked about Silence in it inner implications that it gives to the silent. In Chinnese philosophy, for example, we find Silence an integral part of its spiritualities; like Confucius says “Silence is the true friend that never betrays”. We find it an integral part of meditation where not only we silence the body, but also we attempt to silence our thoughts and mind in order to develop it and reach truths about life. But all of these could be the intentional uses of Silence. When we go to meditate, when we sit attemptedly to be Silent, or when we set silent among a gathering for social reasons. But what is Silence to our daily lives?

Silence is a powerful way of expressing different feelings; sadness, anger, hopelessness, helplessness, boredom, thoughtfulness, pain, pleasure, or love, and many more. However, the impact of Silence at its inner face is different in every situation. For example, when we are Silent towards pain, this is Silence for tolerance. When we are Silent towards pleasure, this is Silence for sensation. When we are Silent towards sadness, this is Silence for grieve. And it goes…

Regardless of the numerous forms enumerated, the most profound is what’s about us when we are Silent and its impact on us. As can be seen in the previous paragraph, Silence in our daily lives comes with a reciprocal property about us; it doesn’t happen alone…It happens for something else or some other feeling to happen that without Silence, that something or feeling may not happen. And here comes the importance of Silence as advised by traditions and religions…to be Silent for other things to happen that without Silence they may not happen. These things that come up with the advent of Silence is what makes our growth in many directions. For example, in a helpless situation, we can yell or we can be Silent. When we yell and moarn on our helplessness, we get depression or fear, but when we remain Silent, faith will emerge. When we get angry, we can fight and shout or we can remain Silent; the first causes destruction to ourselves and the others while the second teaches control. And when we love, we sometimes remain Silent…for that love may exceed words and becomes a movement of the soul.

In every situation in our lives, there is a chance of learning new and unqiue properties through Silence. That said, not all situations require Silence, some requires the contrary for prudence. However, we shall use Silence to nurture the valuable properties it implants in us for the suitable time…For that, unlike Confucius, Silence is a tutor of emotions


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