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Schopenhauer on the Meaning of Life

I have received quite a lot emails from my blog readers & magazine readers over the past period – more than 30 email. Reading them led me to group issues into one cause, more or less: the Meaning of Life. I was at the time of preparing the next issue of UK The Philosopher magazine featured philosophical quote. For this reason, my choice of a the quote came to be on a subject related to meaning of life.

My choice fall on a quote for one of my favorite philosophers, Arthur Schopenhauer; the philosopher who is named as the Pessimist. His philosophy is impressive for it came from a man of deep life observation and examination. In reading for him, his views come timeless and near to everybody’s life. I didn’t ever get enough of Schopenhauer!

The meaning of life is something that most of poeple think that they know: some think they are living the right life, some think they know what it’s all about, and some don’t bother thinking of it at all. These type of people are basically absent-minded. To live thinking that you are living a meaning is an illusion you are creating for yourself to feel satisfied with your life unless it’s based on reasons. I am not saying that we ought to suspect our lives or deny it (though this is a healthy step). What I am saying is that: We all may believe in our lives, that’s okay, but your belief must have reasons…and reasons must come from a value system and a reference line! This is the key. So when you live a life believing in it or thinking that you are a good person in a good living, first, stop yourself and base that belief on something trustable. The dangerous part is that not all of us are capable of undertaking this difficulty about living. Here comes the role of prophets, religion people, thinkers…etc. There has to be someone to take your hand…while you still possess your mind to judge what you are receiving. You may not get the mentality to reach something, but you will have it to judge what others have reached.

Schopenhauer on the Meaning of Life is the published name given to his quote of my choice for The Philosopher publication and Philosophical Investigations scholarly community of philosophers. In such article, I have theorized different lives and attempted to classify each in accordance to Existence. The article is out:


Life is a journy; some win it and some lose it. Be the light or accompany a light; loss is then reduced.


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