Sadness Unto Death

It’s when the parts of me refusing to live. And who doesn’t need a Will to Live in this life?

It’s when the emotions die from the brutal crushing of days. Of the ensuing sword of life.

It’s when the taste is gone; along with other bodily senses. When the biological becomes mere machinery.

And how not to feel sadness in a world ruled by pain at every encounter? Of the fear of days. Of the shrink of control over what happens.

No, no. That’s not even sadness. I am talking about Sadness Unto Death.

It’s when the parts of me refuse to live.

And should they live? To survive the days? To do the roles? To take care of affairs? The comedy of life…

For the sadness that is inevitable, Sadness Unto Death stands as humanly; not in the giving up to it but in the refusal to live the world that brought it to exist.

It’s when the parts of me refusing to live.

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