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Running After Death

‘Running after death’ would sound applying to someone who is fed up from life and seeking death or considering suicide. However, this would be ‘wishing death’ or ‘seeking death’ or ‘wanting death’. But ‘Running After Death’ applies to all of us, when we think about death. How?

Death is one of the ultimate ‘standstill’ facts in our lives. By standstill it means that Death just stands uniquely to us at the end of journey, it doesn’t chase us and it doesn’t do anything about us… Just standing right at the corner; like you are walking in a corridor at the end of which there is someone standing – just standing. We approach it bit by bit as time passes by; that is, we approach it on the time dimension till the event happens. However, when it occupies our minds, we become running after it, because simply Death doesn’t come to us. Someone would tell me why thinking that way is worthwhile at all? The answer is that because we gets afraid of Death, we tend to think of it as if it’s chasing us. But realizing the fact that by doing this, WE become the ones who are chasing it, we should learn to let go chasing it; that is, to let go thinking of it in ‘itself’. In Itself here means that you think of ‘Death’ as an event, which is the wrong consideration, because with this you become the one who is chasing it and after all Death will inevitably happen. However, the other correct model is to stop chasing it, but to proceed to it. Big difference.

To Proceed to something means that you have done something that enables you to qualify to something next. Like when you pay your university tuition, you can ‘Proceed’ to class. When you pay for your hotel stay, you ‘Proceed’ to your room. But you cannot go to your room without paying for your stay first. ¬†You know that there is a class you would be attending, so you make sure you pay your tuition so that you proceed to it. You know that Death would be occurring, but you make sure you do something so that you proceed to it, in that qualifying sense. While Death as an event does not require from us a ‘qualifying’ action to Proceed to it, we are the one who needs a qualifying action to Proceed to it. We can just let it happen, or we can proceed to it. When we let it happen, we are passive and when it happens, it happens while we are at any condition. But when we Proceed to it, it still happens, but not just happens because we reach it with a specific condition, a condition that we choose and keep on building throughout the journey of life. These concepts of ‘Proceed’ Vs. ‘Chase’ are why it’s worthwhile to think of the matter that way. When we keep thinking of the ‘event’ of Death, we are not doing anything rather than ‘Running after it’, which is destructive and futile. But when we just acknowledge the fact as standstill at the end of the road and that we are walking to it rather than it chasing us, we think of the matter as Proceeding to it and how we should Proceed to it. In this line of thought, the event ceases to be the centre of focus in itself. By this, it becomes more matters how we approach it rather than the happening of the event. In this, it becomes important what we are accomplishing towards it or how we are Proceeding to it… and the event in itself becomes less important.

Don’t chase death by thinking of it. Enough knowing that it’s there… And Proceed to It. That is, care about the walk of your life. That’s the role of death after all: to make you think about the walk of your life, not just to stay thinking of it itself.

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