Allah. The greatest name for God that no one with which was ever named, or will. He created the human, the animals, the universe… everything. A thought experiment to help grasp His great existence would be imaging yourself first opened your eyes on this life to find yourself completely alone in this world natural creation. “Who did all that?” would be a pressing question – your first question in trying to make sense of what’s around you. The fact that you had this question means that we are intrinsically connected to the First Cause, that’s why we would intrinsically search for it and if we fail, we will invent what takes that place inside us. We are not mere consumers; though we love to consume. It’s thus an essential existential question: Who created all that?

But, on the other hand, it’s not intrinsic to know or even ask what that God wants from us. This is where the statement “we love to consume” kicks in. We are not mere consumers in the sense that we would not just extend our hands to eat from trees and enjoy without asking who did that, but we love to consume that we won’t go beyond that single question. Additionally, even that single question fades away over time by the the pleasure of consumption. We would go on consume and consume from that luxury of given creations and soon forget to revisit the question till it’s gone forever and the givens become taken for granted. That’s why Allah sent us messengers with religions over the history of humanity: to both answer our intrinsic question and to inform us what is being asked of us.

El-Eslam was not sent to add a new doctrine, but rather to revive a forgotten and veiled doctrine: “No God but Allah”. But what does that mean at its core? Everything is centralized around one God, Allah. All your actions and life’s direction follow him in the Do’s and Don’ts He mandated. The core of El-Eslam is that everything is centric to one God, Allah. How to do that and what are the tangible and spiritual benefits are to be discussed over the course of this section writings.

El-Eslam destroys any intermediacy between the human and Allah. Religion people are those who are specialized to give you consultations and to teach you subjects to help you understand more about the religion. However, they don’t hold any rank or have special privilege from God to intermediate the relationship. You go to Allah directly with all your actions and communications, whether prayers or recitations or life’s activities.

El-Eslam tells you that you and your life’s conditions are in the hands of Allah. When you know this, you don’t humiliate yourself to any other human or any condition; not a state of sickness, not your boss to keep you on the job, and not your landlord to keep your house. If Allah has destined for you a specific job, no one and no condition could ever get you out of it. And this is not to be confused with Free Will; for life is an interplay between Destiny and Free Will. But this makes perfect sense. If one’s life is to be centered around one God; then, that one’s affairs must not be in the hands of humans and conditions without God’s involvement. We must be granted an assurance that nothing happens without God’s involvement and control. If everything about yourself and life are in the hands of Allah and you are given direct access to Him without any intermediate; then, being a follower of Allah is being ultimately supported in this life. Yet, faith, at the same time, means believing in the wisdom of Allah’s decisions with you. He is not the God of your wishes, but the God of your own good, which is something due to our short-sight and limited wisdom we cannot foresee.

El-Eslam part of asking you to revolve your life around Allah is assuring you that Allah is one and only one. He has no siblings, no relatives, no alternate, and no superiors. It also assures you that Allah is unchangeable because whatever attributed to Him is His essence rather than an objective. For instance, when you are told that Allah is merciful. This is His essence rather than an objective. You can describe someone as having mercy now, but you cannot guarantee that he remains as such 10 years from now, under all conditions, and in all situations. All about humans is changeable. Allah is not. These principles are essential to the undertaking of El-Eslam or else how could you trust a God who have partners or could change over time? For instance, at work you can go to your manager and ask him for a raise. Your manager can tell you okay, but when he comes to execute his promise, the company could change the policy, the business lay him or you off, or his own manager disapproves. In such case, you are asking something out of someone who is not 100% capable of fulfilling the promise, because he has a boss and he himself is limited by other people’s conditions and laws. But with El-Eslam, you are assured; it’s only Allah, with whom you directly communicate, who’s in full control alone, who has no boss or partners, and who’s unchangeable.

El-Eslam is a religion of simplification. Its rules have simplified procedures for the hard times and for the troubled. For instance, if someone is unable to pray while standing, he can pray while sitting. El-Eslam also came to prohibit the few and allow the majority. In food, you can eat everything except three things 1) the dead, 2) the blood, and 3) pork. See how many types of food out there? Only 3 are prohibited. El-Eslam also prohibited actions that humanity and societies are suffering from. It prohibited having no long-term relationship commitment between a man and a woman; that is, relationship based on wanting to spend nice time together rather than building a family for good. Some societies are suffering from this in the form of having lower child birth rate to preserve their race and execute societal duties. It prohibited some other things that happen to be of pleasure to us; in some cases because that would be in our favor and in others to be a testimonial of faith, in return of having better things later.

El-Eslam is the gate to Allah’s forgiveness. No matter what sins you did, you can come to Allah and ask for his forgiveness; and you will be given a clean state. Just believe in Him then ask for His forgiveness and you will be immediately granted it. It’s between you and who have all the matters in His hands, Allah. And not only forgiveness you will be granted but also you will be flooded with mercy, sense of security, relieve, and calmness.

El-Eslam is not being alone in this life, on your own with your abilities, which are not guaranteed to be always there or that you can always rely on them. Nor you are alone with your problems and challenges. If you are on your own with what you’ve got, positive or negative, life would be like a jungle the powerful enjoys it all and the weak or disadvantaged loses it all. El-Eslam is that you are in this life but connected directly to your Creator. With that connection to Allah, you are safe, whether you remain privileged with something or not. You are not thrown in this life alone.

If you read the Quran, all Islamic legislation, and the prophet Mohammed’s teachings and sayings, you will find everything centered around Allah, for the human’s dignity and happiness. There are no beneficiaries, there are no ranks. The religion is all for Allah. And that’s what stands at the heart of El-Eslam: No God but Allah and Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah.

And that’s the purpose of this section: to tell you more about El-Eslam and its principles, from life’s perspective and in a way that anyone can benefit from without having to follow it.

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