Power Is Within But for the Outside

No one likes the weak. It doesn’t mean the weak is despised or hated. But whatever is given to a weak can be anything but not admiration or love of attachment. We are kind to the weak, charitable, sympathetic, or supportive, only. Realize: the weak is a burden. It’s thus okay to feel weak from time to time, but never dump your weakness for a period that you make burden on those around you. Be prudent in how much weakness to show, when, and for how long.

But from where Power comes? Definitely, many things bring it: authority of a position, fame, intelligence, money… If you enumerated all of the alike sources and reflected on them, you will find one thing they all lack in common: Self Perception. And what they all have in common? Volatility. All sources of power can be taken away: a position lost, health deteriorated, or money wasted.

You may be fortunate enough to possess one or many sources of power, but you may live weakly. Yes, you show up to office everyday with all that glory and strength in your face, lash out at people here and there, but deep inside, you are beaten. Self-Perception is not a replacement to sources of power or else it would be an illusion; if you are a street beggar and has self-perception of power, it just means you are high on something. The key is that no real power without power in yourself. And power of your self while could be tied to the existence of a source of power yet it survives beyond it when that source is gone. It becomes part of your identity. Just imagine yourself a world leader who fought for humanity in your term. After office term while you are sitting in your living room watching TV, you would still have this sense of power inside you preserved.

But power in yourself combined with one or more sources of power may also yield tyranny, evil, or self-interest. When you have high sense of authority or privilege, your abilities and confidence can lead you astray. That’s when your source of power and your self-perception of it must be directed to something outside you, something larger than you: people’s good, efficiency, a great product, or humanity.

That’s the triangle of strength: Source of Power, Self-Perception of it, and larger cause outside you. And remember, nobody likes the weak.

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