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On The Death Bed (A Thought Experiment)

You are now laying on your death bed. What would be the things you regret not doing? What would be the things you regret doing? On your final destination in life, what would be the things that you would wish to be given time again to do?

I use this technique while standing on my living feet in order to grab myself back on track from the noisy illusions and distractions in this life. In doing so, I not only return back on track to what I really want to do, but to my surprise, it sometimes helps me discover that some of the things I am doing are not the things that I really want to do. Another beneficial vision I obtain from this exercise is that it teaches me how to use sacrifices. For example, one might feel reluctant or unwilling to sacrifice for the sake of something by giving away something I have or can have. This is because the something at his/her possession now might be giving immediate pleasure. But on the death bed, pleasures would fall and only real values and meanings remain.

When you imagine that your life is at its end, you can see clearly the things that you would cry hotly that you did not do or accomplish during your life time. All the time wasted becomes a dire regret that death itself becomes not the issue as much as you are facing it without what you were supposed to do. If you try this thought experiment, you will get to know how hard the feeling is to be leaving without doing what you really wanted to do. On the other hand, see whoever accomplished what he/she has taken to be his mission or message in life when laying on death bed; so peaceful, relieved, and satisfied that he/she seems to be welcoming death.

Death is not a problem as much as the question of what you will have done by the time it arrives to you. If you are the one who accomplished what he/she really wanted to do in this life in a correct and appropriate way, you will be very relieved. I stressed on “correct” and “appropriate” to exclude those who lived only to achieve wealth of money or unethical targets.

Learn how you should live your life by letting “On the Death Bed” technique teach you the sacrifices you should make or not to make, what you really want to do or should be doing in this life (discover your mission and message), and by letting it bring you back on track to what you really want to do or already doing when you get lost in this life that is full of distractions.

At the end of your life, you stand barely with no possessions; only what you were supposed to do by being once in this life is what matters to your condition at the moment you are on the death bed. Start with the end in mind and fix your everyday doings to that end you wish to be granted.¬†Know what you want to do in this life according to the end you would like to see yourself into…and do it no matter what; because at the end, there will be no reasons, no justifications, and no excuses you would accept for yourself as a why for not doing what you wanted to do or be.

For life is too short to be little…

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