Existence & Phenomenological Experiences


Whether we are conscious about it or not, our daily life is mostly manifestations of other things, directly tied to these appearances getting to surface or indirectly controlling behind the scene. It doesn’t matter the true nature behind these manifestations; the important thing is how these manifestations impact the course of our lives and how they impact those around us.

At a given day, one may become irritated from work or angry from a colleague or a boss only to return home and these irritations get manifested into aggressiveness to family and beloved. In doing this, one misses the essence of his life, the true value of it… in front of something that is marginal. One misses that he had just replaced what’s priceless with something dumb and worthless. He misses that he had just sold his life to the moment of anger. He oppressed those close to him. Why? The moment of emotional hijacking is so absorbing. Because irritations were not mental, but plunked on the string of emotion, it prevailed. But speaking of emotions, don’t we hold emotions to those close to us as well? Bigger than the emotion we had to the moment of anger from work or something less important that our beloved? Yes. Because we learned that there are emotions… We learned to feel each one on its own… But we did not learn to manage a set of emotions at a time. We learned to hold affections to those we love, alone. And we learned to hold the feeling of anger or frustration from work, alone. Whenever one comes, we feel it on its own. Until it fades or something emotionally hot inside the family so that it takes over our emotional lead again… over and over, until the feeling it toppled by another one and so on. It’s Emotions Management that we did not learn. To live your day with a bunch of emotions, that are often mixed and conflicting, not just one. The day has a label: It’s a good day, It’s a bad day, It’s a frustrating day. What about a day that is a bad day and also a good day at the same time? That’s emotions management, to live by multiple emotions in a day and to manage their manipulations.

The best I have seen from others regarding emotions management is to topple a negative emotion by a positive emotion. The saying of “Be Positive.” This is absolute elusiveness! The smart and realist should come to realize that life is both negatives and positives. And to live only one at a time is futile, because it eludes the other: You live positive, you miss the negative; you live negative, you miss the positive. Emotional management I am speaking about is to live both the negative and the positive together… in a given one day: to label the day as a Bad Day and a Good day at the same time; not by factually listing the positives and negatives of the day, but to FEEL them both, manipulatively. When the negative happens, feel it; when the positive happens feel it. When one is irritated from something at work, feel the negative about it, but once you move to another moment that has its other emotions, carry on to that emotion, without cloning the other matter’s emotion to this matter’s emotion. Emotional management is to manipulate the emotion at hand based on the emotion of the situation, to be responsive to life. To live life with its mix of feelings and unpredictability of its situations. That is, to experience all life’s emotions without having one emotion persisting on the account of other emotion, rendering you missing some moments and hurting yourself and others in that persistence. Don’t let an emotion in one matter manifests itself in other situations of your life, stealing many things from your life.

A human lives with a bundle of emotions; that one should learn to live by many simultaneously, manipulatively, rather than sequentially.

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