Existence & Phenomenological Experiences

Loss & Sustain


 على الأنسان فاقد الشئ أن يستعين بما يملك لتعويض ما فقد. و أن يتفادى فى ذلك البحث عن مثليه ما فقد فيما لم يفقد … حتى يتسنى له العيش فى رضا و هناء. فأن الفقدان حتميه فى هذه الحياه… و لكن دائما ما يبقى شئ لم نفقد


For the one who lost a thing is to borrow from what’s still owned to compensate for what was lost., And in doing this, to avoid the search for an identicality between what was lost and what’s not … So that one can live in bliss and satisfaction. For loss is inevitable in this life … But there remains always something we did not lose.

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