2 thoughts on ““Life can be lived twice. It’s lived first in mind; then, it’s lived second in the physical. Some humans choose to live once.” – Ahmed

  1. I don’t know hoe this quote makes me feel. I mean at first it sounds like there is a chance to achieve what you want in your mind or be who you want. But at the end of the day it isn’t real. It won’t satisfy you.

    Or did I misunderstood what you mean

    1. A human in life is not 100% winner; however, the human is not 100% a loser. When one suffices to live by his fancy dreamy mind-created world from without actualizing it or just live reactively to what’s happening in reality, he is losing a lot. Yet, aligning both together is not attainable throughout one’s life due to the very simple reason that: humans do mistake, and some mistakes are not revertible. Meaning, you may once commit a mistake that deviates from what you draw for your life in mind. If that mistake is not revertible, then, you may continue to live with your mind creation since that mistake committed will always stand between the mind creation and the actualization of that creation. However, this is something I see in all humans. They tend to be point-focused, leaving away of sight the many ways through which one can align both creations; that is, mind creations should be flexible. For example, one’s mind creation is to be doctor one day…and he lives by this mind creation in the hope to bring this into reality some day. Then, in high school, he commits an non-revertible mistake by scoring badly that he misses any admission chances to any medical school. In this case, one may live imprisoned in his one life (the mind creation) and loses the second life. This is one-point focus and in front of it the whole world collapses. In your life, there are 1000 point; as you go by living, points start to diminish point by point, but you still got many others when one just disappears.

      The satisfaction of this alignment has a prerequisite, which is that the first creation should be worthwhile. Only when it’s something worthwhile that having the blessing of taking it out to be reality you live by is the most pleasurable life one can live by. That’s why prophets, thinkers, and wise people always live in harmony with life. There are no struggles, frustrations, or depression. It’s a rich life when you first create something worthwhile in your mind only that you live secretly happily with it; and you feel happiness all the way through you are working on bringing it into reality. Finally, when it’s actualized and you have the chance to have it inside you and outside you, you live in harmony. This is of course a lifetime endless process. The reverse, sad scenario, is to dream and not to achieve or just live in the physical world of Stimuli-Response. Each side, independently, brings its own good and bad; however, you will be missing one life…While you could live twice.

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