Israel-Palestine Struggle – From Economical Perspective

Check out this interesting article, by Martin Cohen, discussing Isreal-Palestine struggle; however, from an angle other than politics, from the economical perspective.


In this article, Martin is proposing that the struggle could be easily resolved by looking at the economical dimension as a pressure mean on Israel to cease violent practices against Palestenians.

While I am still convinced that the Israel-Palestine struggle is still persistent over two generations of politicians not due to lack of solutions, but due to lack of intention to resolve the struggle in the first place.

The World is standing still in every peak of violence permitted there with governments setting up a comic show; where everybody disagrees and proposes solutions that will never get implemented; and they know they won’t. In this show, the world governments become like a Belly Dancer; she shakes her body while everybody is watching her almost naked body, but no one goes ahead and touch it.

World governments then have their motivation to play this comic show…But we as individuals have no reason to fool ourselves by believing that world governments are really seeking a resolution to this.

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