• The Self

Self is by no means a one aspect matter neither deterministic. Indeed, there are multiple dynamics of the Self, interdependent and impact each other. With as much aspects of the Self, there are many undiscovered knowledge of the Self. This study attempts to investigate these dynamics of the self and undermine more understanding about them.

  • Daily Experience and its relation to human existence and phenomenological affairs 

Philosophy is not just the grand thing – speaking of a philosophy of living. A philosophy of living would futile if it’s not addressing AND improving one’s daily experience. Yet, it’s challenging to map grand concepts one might have in life to the scale of daily experience – it’s not easy as many think. How to link human existence level undertakings to daily experience is essentially a topic of mastery. Not only mere linkage, but in doing this, how you (the linker) experience this linkage mentally and emotionally. This a pure Existentialism study yet I found it to be extremely important from a philosophy of living point of view.

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