Personal Sensations

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

This is not a quote from a romantic novel or a love book. It’s a saying by the giant Greek philosopher Plato, the student of Socrates, in his book the Symposium. No philosopher has examined and written about the subject of love as Plato did. In his work discussing love, we can see Plato’s magnificent writing style and perfect literature combined with his giant thoughts.

Sometimes we hear in movies or mocking friends the words “Platonic Love”; denoting a joke about how profound love is that it’s not realistic. But these are not mocking words, they are real. Platonic Love is the term describing love as Plato perceived and wrote about. To his view, Plato discussed the type of strong love, a chaste. He wrote extensively on how love is felt, how it has evolved, and its characteristics. He believed in the type of a non-sexual love; that lasts with the fire of feelings and emotions alone.

Whether Platonic Love is there these days or not. Plato in this quote is emphasizing the impact of love after it’s being felt and before it. That without love, one remains incomplete, until a significant other completes the song of their life together. And poetry is the words of the soul, as long seen by Greek philosophers. Thus, denoting how Plato perceived love to be an impact on the soul itself.

We seek to complete our incomplete songs by the mere whispers of our signficant others. The best of us comes out to those who we love; that’s how we should be waiting…and that’s how we should be reacting when it comes.

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