Personal Sensations


Hating something should inflict in us doing the exact opposite…Or else, it becomes a mere destructive habit of criticism, which poisons the heart and mind.

When you criticize shallowness, you should be doing firmness.

When you criticize cowardness, you should be brave.

When you criticize laziness, you should be active.


Don’t criticize shallowness while you are not firm.

Don’t criticize cowardness while you are not brave.

Don’t criticize laziness while you are not active.

Notice that I have used the character and its exact contrary not just its negation. I could have said:

Don’t criticise cowardness while you are coward.

Because when you criticize something that you ought to be hating, you should not only be doing it but also exhibiting its exact good contrary.

Transfer your frowning towards bad habits in people by making yourself first the good model of its opposite. Only then you not only criticize, but you become the person that balance the evil in this life.

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