Misconceptions & Clarifications

Computer Science…Is it a Science?

As Computer Science started to yield its own sons and daughters, computer scientists started to reflect on and ask whether it is basically a science. Over the past years, practitioner of CS and its educators were a collection of people coming from different majors that participate in the subject matter dealt with in CS. An obvious example of these is the engineering discipline. We didn’t start to have our professors as people holding a bachelor in CS until the past few years. Such shift is important because now we are more eager to think about the field itself rather than just its practice and work.

Some may ask: Why this question?; why they need to know if CS is a science or not?

What is Computer Science? What is a Computer Scientist? And more foundational, what is Science and the word ‘Science’?

—This is a snippet; if interested in reading more about these questions, please see my full article at the Philosophical Investigations society.


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