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I publish in Philosophy of Living two content types:

1) Posts:

Short and observation-based intellectually delicious pieces. This is aimed at increasing your awareness and your understanding while leaving you to your own mental space pondering with the concept for yourself. A collection of posts discussing a unified theme/concept becomes Topic, which you can find them all listed at the right side on the blog main page. With this structure, you can easily read all posts related to a unified topic of your interest. Posts are published once per week.

2) Studies:

There is a page Investigations stating some lines of investigations undertaken by my as part of my own studies in philosophy generally, whether for the sake of a writing project or a pure research interest. These active investigations and research activities would result in publishing a select of extended studies from time to time. This is different from Posts (the first content type) in that these are lengthy, rigorously formal, and research-based in depth studies while Posts are short, more casual, and observation-based bits aimed at nudging your intellect and helping you think for yourself. Studies are less frequent than Posts, due to their nature of work, and they get published here.

Happy Living!

2 thoughts on “Blog Structure

  1. A fine site, Professor! Very much philosophy in practice – encouraging dialogue and modesty. I would like to offer my help collaborate on some projects if I may – perhaps the implications of quantum physics for scientific claims that areas of human experience (like astrology, but I suppose we could also add in religion!) lacking a causal mechanism, must be dismissed as the ‘mysterion’ tendency…

    1. Thanks Martin for the feedback!

      I like your suggested topic. It would be interesting to add in religion for sure as prone to lacking causal mechanism and rational dismissal. It reminds me with Leibniz’s ‘best of all possible worlds.’Please do feel free to share with an eye opening post about this.

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