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Apology to the essential person

The most explicit form of apology is when we apologize to others for wrong doings or pain we might have caused to them. But in many cases, we neglect to apologize to the essential person; one’s own self. Many of the mistakes we do to others are initially mistakes we do to ourselves.

When we apologize to ourselves for the shortcomings we have and by them we have caused pain to others, we not only acknowledge our own mistakes toward others but also we acknowledge that repair starts from within. When we work on making a better version of us, now we can shine our light to all around us.

We stay regretful to all what we have caused to our friends, our families, and our beloved. As we move in life, we get sadness and we cause sadness…and in every move, we should apologize to ourselves alongside our apologies to the person we have offended. With this, we will have to work on not causing ourselves the pain that we feel by causing pain to others. When you apologize to yourself as part of the equation, you will have to do something about it from the sense of ownership; thus, you will change. However, when you only apologize to the other, you will be trying to do something for the other like saying words or buying gifts…but you, the one who made the mistake, will remain the same.

When we do mistakes to others, let’s not only focus on apologizing to them and making it up for the person to whom we caused pain, but also let’s apologize for that self that we shaped in this image that caused all of this pain to others.

Why do we put that self inside us in that image that causes pain to others? Apologize for the essential person; your own self…for that you are the one who put that self in that image which caused all these pains.

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