Personal Sensations

All The Meanings

 Complain in silence while everybody is looking
Thinking that you are sleeping, but much more is going
Seeing through the end while all do not see
Alone knowing it’s the end, but all don’t know


Amid the pain a thought would glimpse
Carrying the burden of what you know but they don’t know
Looking at them… now from another place
They think they are beside, but the truth you only know


The days that were lived
The love that was shared
The cries that were rained
And the hug in which you were ingrained


Now falling apart with all these getting away
Looking to them as the sight gets blemished
Leaving behind more than what was lived


It was not a person that accompanied
It was not a day of happiness
It was not a day of sadness
It became now more than the days that were lived


All The Meanings


That were once given but not felt
That were once there and we got blind
That we used to live by and let go
The meanings that are now beyond reach


Spread and let go
For the time to hold is gone
And as they look with the hope of reprieve
Only hold with the remaining of sight


All The Meanings


2 thoughts on “All The Meanings

    1. Thank you!
      I am glad that through the scene I visualized when I composed it, you could capture the concept I tried to convey. And my apology if I made it sad… How many truths in our life are sad by nature!

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