It all started with my passion to knowledge and wisdom. It was nothing more dear to me than holding a good literature book, swimming into my chair, and smell the pages flipping as I delve into the words. The urge for good literature has stemmed from my continuous observation to the world around me from science to humanity. This observation incepted in me the need to read those good literature books to listen to those who interpreted the world before me; or at the same level when I first observed it. I became particularly interested in Philosophy for its ultimate end of understanding the truths behind everything; and neglecting to take anything for granted and walk with the herd.

I would like to direct my acknowledgement to my first Philosophy tutor Aristotle, the thinker of all times. Through his books, I was opened to Philosophy and from his books, I branched out to other accounts and schools. He was my academic tutor that has started me out in this direction; more crystallized than my first wandering observations and thoughts.

I would like also to acknowledge my first academic professor Dr. Wolf Gazo for he was the first to teach me the philosophical inquiries and discussion through his seamless philosophical dialogues; similar to Plato’s ones.

Finally, the dear person to me who took my hand to the world of publicly producing and sharing some of my thoughts to the worldDr. Martin Cohen, the author of Philosophical Tales and 101 Philosophy Problems great books, to name a few. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Philosophical Society of England The Philosopher magazine where we both founded The Philosopher’s Quote section together. Martin did not hesitate in working with me producing enlightening philosophy to the world. He was courageous enough to give me the space to explore and write while handing me the help I needed. He also allowed me generously to open and be myself in my writings.

Thanks to those who contributed to my birth in Philosophy; I will be always grateful to you.

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