This blog is founded and fed by Ahmed El-Deeb (www.ahmedeldeeb.com) for the purpose of employing philosophical knowledge and rational thinking to topics related to living and everyday’s life. Ahmed El-Deeb is a philosopher specialized in Ethics, Philosophy of Self, Applied Philosophy, and Existentialism. All these topics of specialties and schools of thought shape/serve the tone and material being discussed in this blog.

Philosophy is not just something to inquire about the truths of complex theories or topics; Philosophy is just one thing concerned with reaching the underlying truths of anything that promotes itself to the human being thinking. Therefore, we can speak of Philosophy in anything; we can philosophize all our experiences. It happens when we read the Philosophy of Ancient Greeks that we find it dealing with big theories; something like Happiness or a metaphysical topic like What Is The Universe. However, it’s a misconception that we fix Philosophy as a science dealing with such topics only. At that time, there were many unexplained topics around human beings that the Philosophers of that time needed to explain; rather than the simple details of life we may need to find truths about now amidst the lostness of our humanity through machines, media, and technology. Our lives became defaced that we need to bring it back; outside the routine that is run by technologies and machines.

The very people, specifically nowadays, has committed a crime against Philosophy; by thinking that it’s the science of the complicated only – beheld by the complicated people; or an unimportant science – beheld by people living in their own planet away from the practical life. With this crime, they have missed the very rational element, the one that is maybe left out from the technological and reality shows abuse. In many cultures even, they use the word Philosopher as a┬ásynonym to a mad man!

For this misconception, I have coined this term “Philosophy of Living” and I have set myself a rule not to speak about any topic under this term without having it dealing with the simple specifics of everyday life.

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