Misconceptions & Clarifications

Why Philosophy?

I once had a friend of mine asking me “Why Philosophy?”. He was asking that question not underestimating Philosophy, but actually underestimating its role in our lives. He was convinced that Philosophy is a theoritical talking made by people who have luxury of mind and some time to spend working that machine to output whatever they do…At the end, this is called their Philosophy.

Imagine this life without you not understanding the reality of everything? Can you tolerate living this way? I doubt; because when a single event happens to you to which you couldn’t find any reason or truthful reality that explains it, you feel desperate and confused. That’s why in the dark age, people used to believe in supernatural power; when everything they used to attribute and explain as made by some high external force like ghosts and such. Why they did so? They did so because there were many phenomena to which scientific advancements could still explain

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