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Are you prepared? Tomorrow is the end of world!

21st of December 2012 is believed to be the End of World, the doomsday where the world and everything will come to an end. If you watched John Cusack’ movie ‘2012’, you know what it is (Actually that movie is based on this prophecy).

While some might think this is a ridiculous joke, there are millions around the world were getting prepared to that day; packing food, candles, cloths…etc. There have been activists and established groups to help prepare for that day. There have been trainings being offered by skilled people to help get prepared for surviving that day. However, little people know the story of 21/12/2012. So let’s take a grip.

The 21st of Dec. 2012 root of prophecy dates back to 2000 B.C. At that time there was a civilization of people called the Maya, the Mayans inhabited a region in the Americas, called Mesoamerican, in an era referred to in history as the Pre-Columbian Era, which is the history of the Americas before the Spanish colonization led by Christopher Columbus. The Maya civilization is known for development in Writing Systems, Mathematics, Arts, Architecture, and Astronomy.

The Maya was using a calendar known as Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, which was the calendar system adopted at that time by culture. Now here is the source of the issue, so let’s spend some time discussing this calendar system, without me entering through more technicalities. Let me relate to our normal Georgian Calendar. In our calendar, a year can be considered a cycle and it is composed of 12 months, 365 days for common years and 366 for leap years. When we reach and exhaust the 12th month, we start all over again a new calendar. Alright, in Maya Long Count Calendar, the cycle is not 365 days but 144,000 day and is called Baktun (Which you might like to think of as conceptually equivalent to Year in our calendar). According to the Maya calendar, we are now living in the 13th Baktun. The end of this Baktun we are living in corresponds to 21 December 2012…Voila! Here it is the source of what’s happening…

The Mayan calendar for the 13th Baktun ends in 21/12/2012…Now why this was taken and publicized to be the end of the world? This is the 13th Baktun end day, meaning that we witnessed several end days like this one for the whole 12 Baktun passed. However, the source of making this Baktun end day special than the past ones is that year 2012 was tied to multiple astrological catastrophes. At this point, we can say then that 21/12/2012 throught as the doomsday is a compounded myth and not just a one-source hoax…It resulted from matching these catastrophes believed to happen in 2012 (which are wrong as I will explain) with the Mayan calendar end day. The result is: the Mayan has predicted that the world would end in 21/12/2012.

Modern Mayanist scholars have denied ancient Mayans doing such prediction. Top notch credible Maya history scholars confirmed that no inscription from the Maya culture holds any prediction that this day marks the end of the world. According to these scholars, this day is just an end of a Baktun. Alright, now this is the objection from the Mayan culture side. Now, for the natural catastrophes tied to 2012 that gave this false association with the Mayan calendar. In this regard, we refer to NASA. Speaks to us about this topic is David Morrison, NASA Senior Scientist. The story of linking Maya Long Count Calendar end day with doomsday start with predicting that there is a planet called Nibiru is heading towards the Earth and expected to hit it in 2012. NASA confirms that this is an internet hoax and there is no such planet called Nibiru hitting the Earth. In common sense language, if there is a planet heading toward the Earth; then, our scientists would have been definitely watching it at least over the past 10 years – who tries to convince us that we are not aware about how particles moves in the space that a planet would catch us by surprise. Even if we will try to convince ourselves that our scientists have failed to detect it all these years or if we will say that NASA lies to humanity to avoid the panic (Like what happened in the 2012 movie), if that planet impact would cause the world to end by 21/12/2012, then, everybody on Earth would have been able to see it in the sky with their naked eyes at least over the past week; it would be closer than the Moon to us – No fancy machines. No scientists are needed. Thus, it makes a logical sense that this planet is nothing by common sense.

Finally, I feel obliged to quote the NASA scientist because such myth hurts our mentalities: when asked how he feels toward such rumors about the 2012 end of the world, he says “Where is the science?” Where are the scientists? Where is the evidence?…There is none (evidence) and there is a science and hard working scientists that carry over their shoulders humanity’s responsibilities and the burden of making life better for humanity.

So, enjoy your night, you still got a new day tomorrow…The Doomsday is postponed.

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