Fear and How to Overcome It

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What is fear? In its basic sense, fear is not wanting or being afraid of an undesirable outcome to happen. Thus reasons of fear is that you visualize an undesirable outcome or event and then fear its occurrence. This is the role fear plays in preserving living creature. Without this mechanism, many undesirable events/outcomes wouldn’t […]


Terminal Illness

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It’s brutal; the fact of hearing one’s death sentence. However, it’s still contradictory to logic. We all know that we’re sentenced to death. This then begs the question: why do we yearn, cry, and rebel over the knowledge of having a terminal illness and going to die while we know that we are going to […]



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Woe for those who embarked on any work or treatment without connection to other human being(s). He surely missed a lot. Creating and forging deep connections with other human beings, even when we don’t know them, should be the pursuit of life. Through work of arts, through science… through love. An artist ought to create […]


Sadness Unto Death

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It’s when the parts of me refusing to live. And who doesn’t need a Will to Live in this life? It’s when the emotions die from the brutal crushing of days. Of the ensuing sword of life. It’s when the taste is gone; along with other bodily senses. When the biological becomes mere machinery. And […]

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Since when the pen has become the friend. When there was a need for none to offend. You took the pen with an end. Only to find it the best thing you’ve ever held. You see, you needed a friend… But you dreaded holding only a pen. Now you see, it’s the only friend. All […]