Are you prepared? Tomorrow is the end of world!

21st of December 2012 is believed to be the End of World, the doomsday where the world and everything will come to an end. If you watched John Cusack’ movie ‘2012’, you know what it is (Actually that movie is based on this prophecy).

While some might think this is a ridiculous joke, there are millions around the world were getting prepared to that day; packing food, candles, cloths…etc. There have been activists and established groups to help prepare for that day. There have been trainings being offered by skilled people to help get prepared for surviving that day. However, little people know the story of 21/12/2012. So let’s take a grip.

The 21st of Dec. 2012 root of prophecy dates back to 2000 B.C. At that time there was a civilization of people called the Maya, the Mayans inhabited a region in the Americas, called Mesoamerican, in an era referred to in history as the Pre-Columbian Era, which is the history of the Americas before the Spanish colonization led by Christopher Columbus. The Maya civilization is known for development in Writing Systems, Mathematics, Arts, Architecture, and Astronomy.

The Maya was using a calendar known as Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, which was the calendar system adopted at that time by culture. Now here is the source of the issue, so let’s spend some time discussing this calendar system, without me entering through more technicalities. Let me relate to our normal Georgian Calendar. In our calendar, a year can be considered a cycle and it is composed of 12 months, 365 days for common years and 366 for leap years. When we reach and exhaust the 12th month, we start all over again a new calendar. Alright, in Maya Long Count Calendar, the cycle is not 365 days but 144,000 day and is called Baktun (Which you might like to think of as conceptually equivalent to Year in our calendar). According to the Maya calendar, we are now living in the 13th Baktun. The end of this Baktun we are living in corresponds to 21 December 2012…Voila! Here it is the source of what’s happening…

The Mayan calendar for the 13th Baktun ends in 21/12/2012…Now why this was taken and publicized to be the end of the world? This is the 13th Baktun end day, meaning that we witnessed several end days like this one for the whole 12 Baktun passed. However, the source of making this Baktun end day special than the past ones is that year 2012 was tied to multiple astrological catastrophes. At this point, we can say then that 21/12/2012 throught as the doomsday is a compounded myth and not just a one-source hoax…It resulted from matching these catastrophes believed to happen in 2012 (which are wrong as I will explain) with the Mayan calendar end day. The result is: the Mayan has predicted that the world would end in 21/12/2012.

Modern Mayanist scholars have denied ancient Mayans doing such prediction. Top notch credible Maya history scholars confirmed that no inscription from the Maya culture holds any prediction that this day marks the end of the world. According to these scholars, this day is just an end of a Baktun. Alright, now this is the objection from the Mayan culture side. Now, for the natural catastrophes tied to 2012 that gave this false association with the Mayan calendar. In this regard, we refer to NASA. Speaks to us about this topic is David Morrison, NASA Senior Scientist. The story of linking Maya Long Count Calendar end day with doomsday start with predicting that there is a planet called Nibiru is heading towards the Earth and expected to hit it in 2012. NASA confirms that this is an internet hoax and there is no such planet called Nibiru hitting the Earth. In common sense language, if there is a planet heading toward the Earth; then, our scientists would have been definitely watching it at least over the past 10 years – who tries to convince us that we are not aware about how particles moves in the space that a planet would catch us by surprise. Even if we will try to convince ourselves that our scientists have failed to detect it all these years or if we will say that NASA lies to humanity to avoid the panic (Like what happened in the 2012 movie), if that planet impact would cause the world to end by 21/12/2012, then, everybody on Earth would have been able to see it in the sky with their naked eyes at least over the past week; it would be closer than the Moon to us – No fancy machines. No scientists are needed. Thus, it makes a logical sense that this planet is nothing by common sense.

Finally, I feel obliged to quote the NASA scientist because such myth hurts our mentalities: when asked how he feels toward such rumors about the 2012 end of the world, he says “Where is the science?” Where are the scientists? Where is the evidence?…There is none (evidence) and there is a science and hard working scientists that carry over their shoulders humanity’s responsibilities and the burden of making life better for humanity.

So, enjoy your night, you still got a new day tomorrow…The Doomsday is postponed.

A Nameless Word

I came to this life out of nowhere; incepted by the Creator for a purpose of Him but not mine. Since then, left on my own to keep moving, to keep discovering, to keep daring; to hit, to sin…Until I come to the purpose of my existence coinciding with that of His purpose. To that end, life is a journey of something other than itself…Coming to it with nothing, and leaving it with nothing, deeming life in itself as nothing. Limited by my physical body, I am destined to feel, to desire, to sicken, to pain, to suffer…deprived from not seeing everything, not hearing everything, full knowledge, full understanding, full awareness. To that end, I wished to live without my body…A wish identical to that of death; for only at the moment of death, we would leave our limiting bodies and exist in essence. But even conceiving this is not possible…because of our limited knowledge about death. To make a wish and not have a knowledge to make that wish…a paradox that makes us stand still in the middle, wanting it yet not wanting it. How courageous was Socrates to delight about death at his death table awaiting execution with poison? How calm he was to comfort his crying friends? How knowledge-loving person he was to lecture his pupils who came to farewell him with a brilliant lecture on death? He received death so calmly and delightfully just for this…that death will take away his long limiting body and free his soul to where it can know more.

I was given that breath to live beyond thy life…to keep working beyond myself; even silently…to fight with my own body pains and suffers…to overcome its limiting knowledge with my faith and rationalism…to reason about everything within this life through my intellect, and to deduce or suffice about what’s beyond it through my faith in the Creator, to Whom I have reached with my intellect. I hate my limiting body, but I find joy in tolerating its pains and shortcoming toward attaining the highest of this life. I am a human…and in being so, it makes all the meanings for which I would suffer.



Hating something should inflict in us doing the exact opposite…Or else, it becomes a mere destructive habit of criticism, which poisons the heart and mind.

When you criticize shallowness, you should be doing firmness.

When you criticize cowardness, you should be brave.

When you criticize laziness, you should be active.


Don’t criticize shallowness while you are not firm.

Don’t criticize cowardness while you are not brave.

Don’t criticize laziness while you are not active.

Notice that I have used the character and its exact contrary not just its negation. I could have said:

Don’t criticise cowardness while you are coward.

Because when you criticize something that you ought to be hating, you should not only be doing it but also exhibiting its exact good contrary.

Transfer your frowning towards bad habits in people by making yourself first the good model of its opposite. Only then you not only criticize, but you become the person that balance the evil in this life.

Israel-Palestine Struggle – From Economical Perspective

Check out this interesting article, by Martin Cohen, discussing Isreal-Palestine struggle; however, from an angle other than politics, from the economical perspective.


In this article, Martin is proposing that the struggle could be easily resolved by looking at the economical dimension as a pressure mean on Israel to cease violent practices against Palestenians.

While I am still convinced that the Israel-Palestine struggle is still persistent over two generations of politicians not due to lack of solutions, but due to lack of intention to resolve the struggle in the first place.

The World is standing still in every peak of violence permitted there with governments setting up a comic show; where everybody disagrees and proposes solutions that will never get implemented; and they know they won’t. In this show, the world governments become like a Belly Dancer; she shakes her body while everybody is watching her almost naked body, but no one goes ahead and touch it.

World governments then have their motivation to play this comic show…But we as individuals have no reason to fool ourselves by believing that world governments are really seeking a resolution to this.

Product Vs. Humans

In a world where purity of thought and deepness of the intellect are blemished by our fanatic over-focus on product and production rather than enjoying and investing in the process itself, the result is; products without seleves, poor judgements, low quality conduct of life, shortsighted interpretations of life…The result is, simply, too much out there, and emptiness inside us.

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

This is not a quote from a romantic novel or a love book. It’s a saying by the giant Greek philosopher Plato, the student of Socrates, in his book the Symposium. No philosopher has examined and written about the subject of love as Plato did. In his work discussing love, we can see Plato’s magnificent writing style and perfect literature combined with his giant thoughts.

Sometimes we hear in movies or mocking friends the words “Platonic Love”; denoting a joke about how profound love is that it’s not realistic. But these are not mocking words, they are real. Platonic Love is the term describing love as Plato perceived and wrote about. To his view, Plato discussed the type of strong love, a chaste. He wrote extensively on how love is felt, how it has evolved, and its characteristics. He believed in the type of a non-sexual love; that lasts with the fire of feelings and emotions alone.

Whether Platonic Love is there these days or not. Plato in this quote is emphasizing the impact of love after it’s being felt and before it. That without love, one remains incomplete, until a significant other completes the song of their life together. And poetry is the words of the soul, as long seen by Greek philosophers. Thus, denoting how Plato perceived love to be an impact on the soul itself.

We seek to complete our incomplete songs by the mere whispers of our signficant others. The best of us comes out to those who we love; that’s how we should be waiting…and that’s how we should be reacting when it comes.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

This is a saying by the French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal in his work Pensees (Thoughts) – a work that wasn’t completed before his death and is considered a masterpiece and landmark in French prose.

The saying here conveys an apparent matter, which is the physical condition of sitting alone in a room. Some people when hearing about this saying, they go in a room and experiment it to see how much they will be able to; some other laugh about it and say what’s sitting alone in a room for extended period got to do with resolving humanity’s issues. Well, both misunderstood Pascal’s intention from that saying.

Philosophers and scientists are more well acquainted with this saying because they experience it themselves. We sit alone for prolonged periods, we stay staring through windows or on objects, sometimes playing with moustache, hair curling, or a pen is involved. Why we witness this? Because our physical body is lost in the immersive mental activity of our minds…The body is just left floating on the silence and emptiness surrounding. Immersed in this activity, this state of sitting alone can continue for hours or days, with no boredom.

That said, it’s all about sinking deep in thinking and being there just for thinking. In this sense, Pascal was referring to the fact that humanity’s problems come from people’s poor afford to quality time for thinking, which results in deficient thinking and wrong actions. They take thinking as an inline activity they do while driving, sitting with people, or eating…At best when they even close their room and sit alone, they suffer two things: either feel boredom and rush to go out after some little time or they get distracted by other things other than the thought that should be in focus.

Retirement and sitting alone for ‘Real’ thinking that yields ‘Real Outcomes’ is the custom of thinkers and prophets. And thinking might not be for a specific situation (like thinking whether to buy this or that), but it’s thinking for itself (like thinking about one’s life and actions). It takes hard work to conceive the right thought and to reach the highest truth…And, this is not everything. After this effort is afforded, there is still the hard work of putting the achieved mental outcome into real practice.


You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink

An idiom emphasizing a role attempted by enlightened wise people. Efforts are exerted in putting facts, science, analysis, reflections, and thoughts…for the sake of humanity to be englightened. However, not a small amount of such people are putting an extra effort in attempts to sound the deaf. On top of the immersive mental efforts of thinkers, scientists, and principle-centered personalities, we seek and try hard to convince, teach, and change other personalities. We acknowledge that some are gifted to reach higher state of thinking and principles, nevertheless, we should also acknowledge the nature of this life; that amid all life seriousness and real values, there are some people who chose to live deaf. For this, to all thinkers, scientists, and real aware people mastering their lives truly: you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Schopenhauer on the Meaning of Life

I have received quite a lot emails from my blog readers & magazine readers over the past period – more than 30 email. Reading them led me to group issues into one cause, more or less: the Meaning of Life. I was at the time of preparing the next issue of UK The Philosopher magazine featured philosophical quote. For this reason, my choice of a the quote came to be on a subject related to meaning of life.

My choice fall on a quote for one of my favorite philosophers, Arthur Schopenhauer; the philosopher who is named as the Pessimist. His philosophy is impressive for it came from a man of deep life observation and examination. In reading for him, his views come timeless and near to everybody’s life. I didn’t ever get enough of Schopenhauer!

The meaning of life is something that most of poeple think that they know: some think they are living the right life, some think they know what it’s all about, and some don’t bother thinking of it at all. These type of people are basically absent-minded. To live thinking that you are living a meaning is an illusion you are creating for yourself to feel satisfied with your life unless it’s based on reasons. I am not saying that we ought to suspect our lives or deny it (though this is a healthy step). What I am saying is that: We all may believe in our lives, that’s okay, but your belief must have reasons…and reasons must come from a value system and a reference line! This is the key. So when you live a life believing in it or thinking that you are a good person in a good living, first, stop yourself and base that belief on something trustable. The dangerous part is that not all of us are capable of undertaking this difficulty about living. Here comes the role of prophets, religion people, thinkers…etc. There has to be someone to take your hand…while you still possess your mind to judge what you are receiving. You may not get the mentality to reach something, but you will have it to judge what others have reached.

Schopenhauer on the Meaning of Life is the published name given to his quote of my choice for The Philosopher publication and Philosophical Investigations scholarly community of philosophers. In such article, I have theorized different lives and attempted to classify each in accordance to Existence. The article is out:


Life is a journy; some win it and some lose it. Be the light or accompany a light; loss is then reduced.