Frustration (Episode 1)

I thought of writing a quick post on a wide spread illness we suffer from in this ever increasing stresses and tightness of life. I also received some emails from different people as part of the Philosophy of Living In Your Own Words initiative; most of these emails entailed problems in which base frustration lies. This encouraged me to try to write this post to all of us!

Let’s start by putting a straightforward definition of frustration; in which I will put one derived from our own experiences and not a dictionary definition. In its basic sense, Frustration as we feel it is a situation when reality misses our expectations. Simply put, you expect or want A, life gives you B (or just don’t give you A)…you feel frustrated. And frustration peaks when what we expect or want is a basic legitimate need or expectation; like a job, home, or love.

There are two common sources of frustration: one caused by life and one caused by ourselves or the choices we make.

The most obvious cause of frustration is the one caused by life; which happens due to two things: either 1) life missed your expectation or need by not giving it to you or 2) life stresses and pushes you to have a need or an expectation that obviously currently not in your life. For example, you have a need or an ambition to be a doctor; destiny blocks your way and you couldn’t gain entrance to a Medicine school; you get frustrated. Another example, when you expect someone or a lover to give you a certain feeling and he/she doesn’t; you get frustrated. In these examples, life here misses your need or expectation. On the other sub-type, for example, living a quality of life became very expensive, so life stresses you to make more money which at this stress onset you are not having that more money; so you get frustrated. The difference is that the first is something incepted in us while the second wasn’t in us but life forced it on us. This difference as it seems clear but it is important as we will see later.

The other source of frustration is less obvious and sometimes dormant that it keeps disintegrating our health, happiness, personality, and focus; frustration caused by ourselves or the choices we make. This source of frustration is ultimately dangerous because suffering from it will cause us to lose what we have and will not achieve what we want to have due to blaming everything around us for causing us this frustration and never realize that it is our own choices that are causing us all the pains.

— Stay tunned for the next episode on Frustration as I compile more stories from readers. Feel free to share your views on Frustration!