Aims (From my Personal Journal)

I was sitting deciding on a post to write; between my hands my personal journal that I write into many times per day. I came across an entry I wrote one year ago (23/05/2010); that I liked to share on my blog. It’s about aims we set in our lives, how bad they can be, and how healthy they could be!

Psychologists say that one of mental healthiness elements is that there must be something in your life that you would be ready to receive a bullet for the sake of it…An aim or target or some sort of a meaning for which you dedicate your life to. Whatever that meaning is, it differs from one person to another and we should not say that one is better than one (though there is this discrimination in Philosophy of Ethics that I personally believe into, “I am Aristotelian”) because those meanings or ends are very subjective. For one person, his/her children can be the life in which he/she lives into; for another it’s that humanity problem of lacking medications to certain terminal diseases like Cancer. Enough with introductory; that’s not what I am here for.

I am here to talk about what after you decide on the aims in your life, your message, your meanings, and your targets? I would like to note that an aim in order to be healthy is that it should start and end in you; not in any external thing outside you. For example, some people aim to be politicians (starts in them), but their end is not to be the people who maintain social order and make better communities; their end is fame, power, money…etc (now, the aim ends outside them). Not just the evil does so, but anyone of us, from the noblest to the opportunitist, can fall in the trap of self-betrayal; of pursuing something ending in something external to you, something you did not want for the sake of its own good, but for the sake of something else appealing to you like power or money or fame.

Let me demonstrate with a simple example I have prepared to explain how this possible delusionary image of your aims can stand between you and the true meanings of what your aims claim to have (Pardon my drawing):

Standing where you are, seeing your aims…yet in your intentional self (with your mind and soul eyes) you are looking at the noble and true meanings of your aims. Now, you want to be the doctor who cures Cancer (Ego aim in the middle) because you want to relieve humanity from that painful disease (Transcendental aim) not because you want to be called the genius doctor or gain money (the case that happens when we are blocked by the Visionary Self-illusion). With this setting, you have put a healthy scenario to your aims pursuit and not to get misled by the potential brightness of your aims that may attract you to pursue other means rather than the meanings of your aims. With this settings, you live a life of a mission and hard work yet enjoy every minute in it because you are satisfied with being working on an aim with that meaning and you don’t care if you ever reached it or not because the true meaning is within you and not a certain acquisition that you don’t want to die and miss its enjoyment.

Set meanings to your life and put aims for those meanings…and never let your self fool you with a noble aim in itself that may distract you by it shinny outcomes. Never let an aim you have go without attaching a meaning to it within you and for its own sake…a meaning beyond you and this life.

If all the prophets have tolerated the torture of carrying the messages they were asked to deliver just for the sake of being sainted and mentioned by people, their efforts and pains would have ended in vain…However, Prophets have tolerated the burden of their messages for the sake of God and enlightening people from their darkness…Even this journey could have been illusionary without transcendental aims.

Wake up to your aims…Keep monitoring the Self inside you.